Automatic Snow Chain System

About us

Our company has started to serve in the automotive sector in Dukont Trading in 2014. Over time, its quality and services have moved to the upper levels and are always open to innovations. Our company, which is in the way of providing great contributions to our country with its domestic production, and which is in its supply, has gained the territory of the country again. Our company, which has an important share in the industry of Konya, continues its activities in order to be able to provide more efficient and faster services in a short period of time.


Our company's national and international market and continuously improve the effectiveness of our methods in order to increase efficiency, which pioneered the industry, to be a reliable and reputable organizations in Turkey.


To meet our customer demand and expectation correctly by continuously improving our product and service quality,

Establishing a strong connection and loyalty among our customers with good communication,

To reach wider masses by making necessary services and presentations at home and abroad,

To reach the best quality in our products and to provide the best service.